Your Everything Is His Anything!: Expand Your View of What Prayer and Faith Can Do

Your Everything Is His Anything!: Expand Your View of What Prayer and Faith Can Do


What do you really want?

Book Title Your Everything Is His Anything!: Expand Your View of What Prayer and Faith Can Do
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Dr. Jesse Duplantis is a dynamic evangelist who has traveled throughout the world since 1978 preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is the founder of Jesse Duplantis Ministries (JDM), which has its International Headquarters in America and additional offices in the United Kingdom and Australia. He has been sharing his memorable mix of strong, biblical preaching and hilarious life lessons for more than twenty-five years in thousands of churches and convention centers.

Through worldwide television, video and audio tapes, CDs, books, magazines, the Internet, and revival meetings held across the globe, Dr. Duplantis reaches out with the Gospel in a way that captivates the lost and turns hardened hearts back to Jesus Christ

What do you really want?

What do you really desire?
What has God put on your heart....
And is it really His will for you

Dr. Jesse Duplantis takes a status-quo-breaking look at Jesus Christ's teaching about "asking anything" in prayer in his latest book, Your Everything Is His Anything. You'll learn what Jesus really said about "asking" as Jesse challenges you to look to God's Word, dive into your own heart, and cast off whatever is holding you back from believing Christ's words.

Your Everything Is His Anything is filled with questions you can ask yourself and wisdom from God's Word to help you better understand your core beliefs surrounding wants, needs, and desires in the believer's life. You'll be inspired to let go of old ways of thinking, adopt Christ's timeless truth into your own life, and begin using the power of His name in a greater way as you start setting divine principles for success into motion in your own life. Jesse will challenge you to reevaluate how you see yourself and your desires in the light of God's love for you. 

Are you uncertain about what God thinks about your desires? Are you concerned about your own motivations? Are you curious about how societal, religious, or family expectations will fit into your dreams? If so, Jesse will help you to pinpoint your true concerns and correctly identify your mental stumbling blocks so that you can let go of whatever may be keeping you from your dreams, visions, and heart's desires. Chapter after chapter, you'll explore what it takes to accept Christ at His Word and learn principles you can apply to receive exactly what is on your heart.

Can you really have everything that God has put on your heart? Can you "ask anything" in Jesus' name? Jesus says you can. If you have a vision you want to see come to pass, a dream you've always wanted to fulfill, or some "thing" in life that your heart truly desires, this book will inspire you to believe in yourself and have greater faith in God.

Expand your view of what prayer and faith can do. 

Your Everything Is His Anything!

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