Every Kid has a Divine Destiny

Help them be everything God made them to be!

Resources for Parents and Teachers

Every child is born with a connection to Father God. Below are resources designed to help parents and teachers foster their children's relationship with God.

God and Me! (Volume 1)

Nursery Curriculum

Even the youngest kids can hear from God, make powerful declarations, and pray for healing and breakthrough.Designed for ages 0-5, the ‘God and Me’ curriculum is the only teaching tool for this age group that seeks to directly connect each child to their Heavenly Father. 

Bobbie Baker and Kingdom Core Values

Ages 5-10

More than “babysitting” on Sundays, Children’s ministry should be an active, dynamic experience, where kids encounter God for themselves! Help your children discover the Holy Spirit, grow in spiritual gifts, and get to know Jesus on a deeper level. 

The King's Way of Life

by Bill Johnson and Branden Walden

Based on Bill Johnson's bestselling title, The Way of Life, this masterfully written and magnificently illustrated children’s book will inspire young ones to seek wisdom, lead by serving, and confidently step into their destiny!