Breaking Out Of Trouble

Breaking Out Of Trouble


Although Trouble Comes, It Doesn’t Have To Overcome!

Book Title Breaking Out Of Trouble
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Although Trouble Comes, It Doesn’t Have To Overcome!

Some Christians seem to have the mistaken idea that just because they have been spiritually born again and translated out of the kingdom of darkness and into the kingdom of light (Colossians 1:13), they shouldn’t have any more trouble in the world. Even though it’s obvious that they’ve been troubled by trouble so long they don’t think they’ll ever get out of it, they put on an air of false cheerfulness. They exclaim, "Oh, since I’ve been born again, I haven’t had any more trouble!"

Well, just what kind of "born again" did they get? It couldn’t have been the same one I got, because when I got born again, I was introduced to a smorgasbord of trouble. In fact, when I got born again, trouble jumped on me before I even got out to the church parking lot. Until I learned how to break out of my trouble and overcome it with the Word of God, I stayed in trouble. And from my experience as a pastor and teacher, I know that most Christians have just as much trouble with trouble as I did.

However, we shouldn’t be surprised that trouble continues to trouble us even after we’re born again. Jesus told us that as long as we’re in this world we would have trouble.

These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. John 16:33

In the world, Jesus said, you will have tribulation, or trouble. But in me you will have peace. Peace is security in the midst of trouble or turmoil. Where does peace come from? Jesus said that peace comes from the words I have spoken unto you. So peace—security in the midst of turmoil—comes from the Word. In the world you will have trouble, but in the Word you will have peace.

Jesus and His Word are one. Therefore, He is saying here that although you live in the world, where trouble is, you can stay secure by staying in the Word. As a born - again child of God, you are still in this world physically, but you are not of the system of this world. That is, you do not operate or live your life according to the system of this world. You operate according to the system of the Word of God.

We are charged by the Scriptures to live in the Word of God. Yes, we are still in the world where trouble is, but we can break out of trouble, because Jesus said I have overcome the world system. How did Jesus overcome the world system? With the Word.

Now the good news is that if Jesus overcame trouble, you can overcome trouble. Although trouble comes, it doesn’t have to overcome! As long as you are in this world, trouble will show up, but that doesn’t mean you have to let it manifest itself in your life. You can learn to break out of your trouble so it won’t be able to trouble you.

Of course, learning how to break out of your trouble is not instantaneous or automatic. All the trouble in your life will not necessarily disappear the minute you finish reading this book. But if you are diligent to find out who you are in Christ, to study the Word, and to put down deep roots in it, and if you practice in your everyday life what I’m teaching you, the Word of God will bear fruit in your life. You will get results. When you learn to apply the Word to your trouble, trouble will have to flee. Then you will no longer be living in the world, where there is tribulation and defeat, but in the Word, where there is peace and victory.

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