Free Feature Message: Defeating the Enemy

Free Feature Message: Defeating the Enemy


Exposing and Overcoming the Strategies of Satan

Title Free Feature Message: Defeating the Enemy
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Phil Hopper Bio
Phil Hopper has been the Pastor of Abundant Life Church in Lee's Summit, Missouri since 2000. Starting as a small church of about 100 people Phil watched God do amazing things in the life of the church as it has grown to an average weekend attendance of 4,500. Prior to Phil entering the ministry, he was a police officer and sergeant with the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department where he served as a SWAT team member. It was through his experience as a police officer that God uniquely prepared Phil for the ministry. Phil lives in the Lee's Summit area with his wife, Christa, and their three kids--Jake, Makay and Joshua.

Exposing and Overcoming the Strategies of Satan


“I challenge you to read this book and learn the strategies your enemy uses against you.” Mike Huckabee, Fox News Host

“You wish to learn the tactics of our enemy, the devil? Learn from one that has a different approach due to his background in intelligence.” Johnny Hunt, Past President, Southern Baptist Convention

Everything God wants to give you, Satan seeks to steal.  Why live in captivity when Jesus came to give you an abundant life?

As a former SWAT cop, Pastor Phil Hopper offers a unique perspective on how to overcome the enemy of your soul. By knowing your enemy’s strategy, you will be equipped to live victoriously and not fall into Satan’s captivity.

This book provides a fresh, unique and highly relatable look at the adversary’s tactics so you can always be one step ahead of the devil.

You’ll find answers to questions such as:

  • How can I break the bondage and leave behind the baggage?
  • Why do I keep doing the same stupid things that I do?
  • How can I never again take Satan’s bait?
  • How can I be forgiven of my sin, but not healed from its effects?

Learn how to live a life of freedom as we uncover the tactics, deceptions and strategies of the enemy!

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