Don't Step in the Entremanure!

Don't Step in the Entremanure!


Profiting from the successes and failures of others is the best way to avoid pitfalls as you build your own lucrative enterprise.

Book Title Don't Step in the Entremanure!
Vendor Sound Wisdom
Type Book
Bill Matthews Bio

Bill Matthews - After spending a few years as a teacher and football coach, Bill Matthews completed graduate school and entered the business world where he gained a wide range of experience, including stints as an executive and corporate officer for a Fortune 500 company, and president of a privately-held regional financial services business. After the company was purchased by a publicly-traded corporation, he focused his attention on his passion, advising the owners of privately-held businesses.

In 1996, Bill helped create The Center for Entrepreneurial Education, now known as Aileron, a not-for-profit organization that has provided educational and advisory services to thousands of companies from its campus near Dayton, Ohio. Spanning three decades, Bill has worked closely with business leaders to assist them with professional management, strategic planning, and the establishment of outside boards, and has served on many boards himself.

He has also authored numerous articles, and two other books, Don't Step in the Entremanure, and Seven T's to a Lasting Legacy. Through licensing arrangements, many of the best practices described in Bill s books, and in the associated toolkits, are now being used in publications and programs offered through Sandler Training in hundreds of locations worldwide. For more information, or questions regarding information contained in this book, or in any of his other publications, go to

Profiting from the successes and failures of others is the best way to avoid pitfalls as you build your own lucrative enterprise.

Bill Matthews' Don't Step in the Entremanure: Tiptoe Your Way to Entrepreneurial Success distills time-tested wisdom that will help you guide your business toward enduring prosperity. Matthews poses thirty-two questions that will help you determine the general health of your company and also offers a wide range of advice based on real-world examples of outstanding management.

Each Chapter focuses on a specific theme, including:

·Ensuring you have the capital to sustain your business

·Hiring the right people at the outset

·Making tough personnel decisions

·Holding yourself, and others, accountable

·The importance of having a written plan and written job descriptions

·Why it is crucially important to set up an outside board Clear and concise, full of examples, and with convenient checklists for handy reference at the end of each chapter, Don't Step in the Entremanure is a must-read book and a treasurable resource for all enterprising entrepreneurs.

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