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Cora Jakes Coleman


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Turn your storm into an unshakable relationship with God and a ministry that touches people’s lives.


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 Your Secret to Facing the Impossible with Confidence!What is the size of your storm? If it’s a big storm, then you have a big call, and a big promise. 

More importantly, you have the ability to get through it! Get ready to hit refresh on your story, your journey, and your life. 

Turn your storm into an unshakable relationship with God and a ministry that touches people’s lives.

You will discover how to take the very storms that tried to destroy you and turn them into stepping stools to promote you to your divine purpose!


Cora Jakes shares her inspirational story of spiritual growth to set the stage for this life changing message. Faithing It is not about pretending away your problems—it’s about facing circumstances through relationship and faith in God, because you see them measured next to the chain-breaking, miracle-working power of God. 

- Your storms may seem big, but God is bigger. 

- Your season may feel dark, but God’s light is shining through. 

- Your circumstance may appear hopeless, but nothing is impossible for God!


Cora Coleman is passionate about living a life of purpose and fertility (the ability to produce!). She is a preacher, author, and wife to her wonderful husband Brandon Coleman, as well as mother to her beautiful daughter Amauri and energetic son Jason, aka “Tuga” “Tuga.” As eldest daughter to world renown Bishop Jakes, and First Lady Serita Jakes, Cora directs the children’s ministry at The Potter’s House of Dallas in addition to her Cora Jakes ministry efforts. 

These women became her support and her push. They encouraged her to continue to push forward, and pushed her to speak about her struggle in order to help others. Through this journey, Cora was able to claim her ultimate purpose. She defines fertility as the ability to produce, and encourages people of all walks of life to produce their talents and their purpose by fighting with faith. Cora calls her support community her fertility sisters, and without them she would have been lost!

Cora Jakes Coleman