Fixing the Money Thing with Gary Keesee

Fixing the Money Thing with Gary Keesee


Do You Need to "Fix Your Money Thing?"

Book Title Fixing the Money Thing with Gary Keesee
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Gary Keesee and his wife, Drenda, were severely in debt until they found hope in the Scriptures. Since then, their Forward Financial Group has helped hundreds of thousands of families become debt free and financially sound. Their Faith Life Now organization offers worldwide conferences, weekly television programming, books, resources, practical financial support, and personalized help. The pastors of Faith Life Church, the Keesees make their home in Columbus, Ohio, with their five children.

Do You Need to "Fix Your Money Thing?"

Fighting waves of debt is hard enough - but you don't need to drown. Financial expert Gary Keesee has tossed you a lifeline, and it can save your life and transform your future!

From struggling financially to building a successful worldwide ministry and enjoying financial freedom, author Gary Keesee shares his journey and the proven principles that will help you take back control of your finances - and your life.

Discover the spiritual laws of God s Kingdom and exactly how to apply them:

  • Put a plan in place to be out of debt in less than 7 years (including your mortgage!).
  • Save money on every purchase!
  • Uncover the hidden intersection of spiritual truth and financial principles.
  • Take back ownership of your life!
  • Even find lost money you didn't know existed!

Fixing the Money Thing isn't about numbers and budgets - it's about changing your thinking, and how that will change your life.

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