God is Good Feature Session With Companion Study Materials (Digital Product)

God is Good Feature Session With Companion Study Materials (Digital Product)


God is Good:

Title God is Good Feature Session With Companion Study Materials (Digital Product)
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Type Feature Session
Bill Johnson Bio


     Bill Johnson is the Senior Pastor of Bethel Church. Bill is a fifth generation pastor with a rich heritage in the things of the Spirit. This apostolic network has crossed denominational lines in building relationships that enable church leaders to walk in both purity and power.

     The present move of God has brought Bill into a deeper understanding of the phrase, "on earth as it is in heaven." Heaven is the model for our life and ministry. Jesus lived with this principle by only doing what He saw His Father doing. Learning to recognize the Holy Spirit's presence, and how to follow His lead will enable us to do the works of Christ, destroying the works of the devil. Healing and deliverance must become the common expression of this gospel of power once again.

     Bill and the Bethel Church family have taken on this theme for life and ministry. Healings, ranging from cancer to broken bones, to learning disorders and emotional healing, happen with regularity. This is the children's bread. And these works of God are not limited to revival meetings. The church is learning how to take this anointing to the schools, workplace, and neighborhoods with similar results. Bill teaches that we owe the world an encounter with God, and that a Gospel without power is not the Gospel that Jesus preached.




God is Good:


Respected pastor and bestselling author, Bill Johnson presents his new groundbreaking work, calling believers to build their lives on one unshakeable foundation: the assurance that God is Good.


This feature session taken from the full God is Good e-course comes complete with associated study materials: companion book chapter, interactive study components, and pages from the small-group leader’s guide.


Discover that God's goodness isn't just theology. Rather, it is a call to an encounter that will recalibrate our lives. In this foundational teaching, you will learn about encountering God's goodness, the importance of seeing Him rightly, and how understanding God's goodness can help you stand firm in difficult times.


Begin the journey and glimpse the transforming power of God's goodness!


Or, get the full, 8-session e-course here.

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