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Antonio Baldovinos Bio


Marked by boldness and passion, Antonio Baldovinos has an uncompromising message of calling the Church to a wholehearted pursuit after God. Since 2000 Antonio has traveled to many nations seeing tens of thousands respond to the gospel. In 2008 God expanded his vision to call people to a lifestyle of prayer and intimacy with God. It is this passion that brought him and his wife to establish the Global Prayer House Missions Base, which includes the Pursuit Conference, the Pursuit Internship, and the Pursuit Worship, all flowing out of the place of prayer and worship. Antonio and his beautiful wife, Christelle, live in Alberta, Canada and love raising their five children: Michael, Gabriel, Elijah, Isabella, and Justice.


Christelle Baldovinos Bio

Antonio and Christelle Baldovinos have been involved with missions around the world for more than 17 years. Recently they have built a growing house of prayer in Alberta, Canada with corresponding training. Along being authors and speakers, they have been married since 1997 and have a successful family with 5 children.

Christelle was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With her family she spent her early years moving to different cities and States while her parents set up evangelistic crusades until they settled back in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Christelle and Antonio met at a very young age at Church and were married in the summer of 1997 in Minnesota. The past 18 years since that time have been full. 16 of those 18 years have been in full time ministry. 



The Next Great Awakening Begins With Your Family!
If you are waiting for the great move of God that will powerfully transform your church, city, and nation… look no further than your family.
Many think that the secret to changing the world is a revived church. This sounds like a huge task for people—like you—who desire personal spiritual awakening now.
You don’t have to wait for revival—it can start with you and your family!
Prayer leaders Antonio and Christelle Baldovinos share powerful secrets from their own family life that can help bring your entire household into a place of passionate encounter with Jesus.
You will discover:

  • Keys to enjoying powerful family worship where everyone can experience the presence of God
  • How to take your children’s spirituality beyond Sunday school stories and teach them to operate in the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • Divine strategies that can protect your marriage from being destroyed
  • The secret to passing on the passion and fire of revival to future generations
Start a movement that impacts a thousand generations and set your family ablaze with the passion and power of God today!

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