How to Find God's Love

How to Find God's Love


Your Search is Over!

Book Title How to Find God's Love
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Don Nori Sr. Bio

Donald F. Nori, Sr., 1952-2018. 

Don Nori passed into glory April 17, 2018, at the age of 66. He is survived by his wife, Cathy, their 5 sons, and 7 grandchildren.

Don was the founder of Destiny Image Inc., a company dedicated to spreading the Word of God to the nations to inspire a godly generation.

Through his own writings, and by publishing the writings of thousands more, Don leaves behind a legacy of leading believers the world over into a deeper relationship with Christ.

Don Nori Sr, along with his wife Cathy founded Destiny Image Publishers in 1983 in obedience to a visitation of the Lord in the summer of 1982. Beginning in the living room of their small home, it has grown to an internationally respected company represented in every country of the world, in nearly 100 languages, with millions of books distributed. Destiny Image has published more African Americans than any other publisher in history.

Don Nori Sr. wrote more than 20 books of his own over the years. He is a respected Christian philosopher, entrepreneur, consultant and public speaker. He was an international Ambassador of world peace; recipient of the International Golden Rule Award and holds an honorary doctorate from the United Graduate College and Seminary International.

Your Search is Over!

God's love fills that big empty space inside of you. Never again will you have to settle for "stuff" that satisfies temporarily. Seek and you will find...

How to Find God's Love have the answers to life's most pressing questions—your questions. It provides solutions for lives in turmoil, lives in limbo, and lives confused. Finding God's love is the solution to every problem, challenge, heartache, and setback.

How to Find God's Love shares with you:

  1. • Practical Ways to find and experience God's love every day.
  2. • Easy to follow steps to hold fast to God's love when facing troubles.
  3. • True stories of people who searched for God's reality and what they found.
  4. • Hope, peace, and freedom to live a victorious life.

"I have come like light into the world, so that every person who believes in Me will not stay in the darkness." (John 12:46 PEB)

Author Don Nori's wit and personal experiences bring to life—your life—the assurance of God's love and the reality of His faithfulness. You will never be the same again after you realize the depth and width of God's love for you. Seek Him today!

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