Israel's Prophetic Destiny

Israel's Prophetic Destiny


Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

Book Title Israel's Prophetic Destiny
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Type Book
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Sid Roth has a passion for people to experience God’s power for the purpose of having intimacy with Him. He is a pioneer in the convergence of Jews and Christians in Messiah Jesus. His television program, “It’s Supernatural!”, documents miracles and is viewed internationally.


Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

God is never finished with His people, Israel--and God is never finished with you!

Israel's Prophetic Destiny reveals:

  • * The land and the people of Israel, their biblical history, present realities, and prophetic future.
  • * How to recognize the wrong ideas of replacement theology and anti-Semitism.
  • * How to pray for the unique nation of Israel, which remains precious to Yeshua's heart.
  • * The role of Israel in establishing God's Kingdom on earth.

You can share in the Lord's love for His people, Israel. By praying for His people, you will grow closer to the heart of God. Share His love today!

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