New Lady in Waiting Teaching Series (DVD)

New Lady in Waiting Teaching Series (DVD)


Become God's best while waiting for Mr. Right!

Title New Lady in Waiting Teaching Series (DVD)
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Type DVD
Jackie Kendall Bio
Jackie Kendall has ministered through teaching and counseling for more than 30 years. Jackie's teaching ministry in and through the local church spans the spectrum from youth, college, singles, and married adults.
As President of Power to Grow Ministries, Jackie is a sought after conference speaker for people of all ages and stages of life. Her teaching presentation is hard-hitting, humorous, and healing. Her teaching allows tough topics to become easier to swallow as she spices them with her savory humor and Biblical style.

Jackie has chosen a road earmarked by personal vulnerability, accessibility and honesty. She readily admits to being a "fellow struggler" and sees transparency as a most important link in personal growth toward Christ. Out of Jackie's hurt and heartache has come a unique speaking ministry. Jackie's instruction is full of practical insights and off the wall humor that takes you on a journey that will leave you changed.

Jackie and her husband Ken taught a spring training Bible Study for the Montreal Expos and the Atlanta Braves between 1991 and 1998. Jackie is now a popular speaker for Pro Athletes Outreach (Baseball and the NFL). Recently John Smoltz (Cy Young Winner, 1996 Braves) introduced Jackie and her husband to Evander Holyfield as his "spiritual mentors."

Jackie has co-authored the best selling book and workbook for single women titled, Lady in Waiting. She has just published a devotional titled, Say Goodbye to Shame. Jackie's newest book The Mentoring Mom, was released in May 2006.


Become God's best while waiting for Mr. Right!

Based on the national bestselling book Lady in Waiting

DVD Video (Leader's Guide included)

Jackie Kendall’s lively teaching from the book of Ruth answer the questions: What's the benefit to actually waiting for God's best? Is there a perfect plan for my future--or is it just a fairy tale? Should I just settle like everyone else?

This 10-session (2-Disk) video teaching series is ideal for personal enrichment or small group use.

Session 1: A Lady of Reckless Abandon
Finding your identity, fulfilling your destiny, and discovering true contentment are only possible when we answer “yes” to God’s invitations with reckless abandon!

Session 2: A Lady of Diligence
Your season of singleness is a precious gift—not a cross to bear. Rather than passively waiting for your future prince, learn to actively embrace this present blessing by pursuing God’s kingdom now!

Session 3: A Lady of Faith
God’s plans for you are even better than you can imagine! This great truth applies to everything—even your love life! Learn what it means to trust His provide for you and the sovereignty of his timing.

Session 4: A Lady of Virtue
Virtue is defined as “moral excellence.” This has to do with who you really are—your true identity. Discover the crucial connection between your identity in Christ and becoming a woman of virtue.

Session 5: A Lady of Devotion
Discover to God’s unconditional devotion to you as his daughter. Learn to respond to this love, building an intimate relationship with Him as the ultimate fulfillment to the heart’s cry for intimacy.

Session 6: A Lady of Purity
Jesus didn’t come to burden us with rules, but to bring abundant life! Thus, purity isn’t about “do’s” and “dont’s.” Discover how purity is your prized possession, offering power, protection, and more!

Session 7: A Lady of Security
Often, fear, loneliness, and personal insecurity, drive our hunt for a spouse. Discover the goodness of God, and see how true security impacts the search.

Session 8: A Lady of Contentment
Learn how contentment doesn’t expect Jesus to change our circumstances, but rather, sees him as enough in the midst of our circumstances.

Session 9: A Lady of Conviction
Your destiny has little to do with chance, and much to do with choice. Discover how the power of deep conviction helps you to guard your choices, reject lies, and shifts your paradigms.

Session 10: A Lady of Patience
Patience rejects fear and idleness and embraces obedience, contentment, and preparation for God’s best. Discover the power of being a Lady in Waiting!

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