Ministry of Helps, Revised and Updated

Ministry of Helps, Revised and Updated


Helps: Having Enough Loving People Serving!

Book Title Ministry of Helps, Revised and Updated
Vendor Harrison House
Type Book
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Helps: Having Enough Loving People Serving!

Churches need the ministry of helps. The time has come for church members to begin doing the work for the ministry, and let the pastors return to being what they have been called to do - be spokesmen for Jesus.

Finally, a book filled with useful information for many:

Nursery Workers
All areas of your Church's Ministry of Helps!
The Ministry of Helps Handbook, Revised and Updated by Buddy Bell is a unique combination of teaching, seminar guidelines and answers to often-asked questions. This useful and complete book provides pastors, and members, with the tools and insights to restore the ministry of helps to their church.

Some features include:

Easy-to-apply instructions to transform your helps ministry
Anointed teaching to improve faithfulness
Keys to the Biblical basis for the ministry of helps
A three-week, five-day seminar outline
Answers to common questions about the ministry of helps
"Our Church is indebted to him for laying the foundation of helps in the early years. Imagine a whole army of helpers and servers in a local church that is stirred, challenged and anointed." - Jospeh Prince, Senior Pastor of New Creation Church, Singapore

"We appreciate all the hours of work that Buddy Bell has put into our ministry of helps to make it one of outstanding excellence. God bless you are you continue to instill quality and superiority into ministries around the nation." - Joel Osteen, Lakewood Church, Houston, TX

"This Ministry of Helps training is not only for the United States. He motivates Christians to be involved in church, to serve. This teaching is profoundly needed across all borders and cultures." - Robert Barriger, Lead Pastor of Camino de Vida, Lima, Peru

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