New Covenant Culture

New Covenant Culture


Redefining Normal Christianity

Book Title New Covenant Culture
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A fifth generation believer, Jonathan Welton is propelled by a powerful Christian heritage. Exhibiting extraordinary wisdom and meekness as a teacher, he leads even hesitant individuals to discover fresh experiences of Kingdom realities. With a dual calling of teacher and seer, Jonathan raises the standard for walking in wisdom, character, and power. Carrying a revelatory forerunner anointing, he imparts new understanding and Kingdom perspectives.

Redefining Normal Christianity

Walk in the Power of Your New Covenant Inheritance!

Even though many Christ followers claim to have received the New Covenant—salvation in Jesus—they are not yet experiencing the fullness of their New Covenant identity. 

In New Covenant Culture, Jonathan Welton presents a Kingdom manifesto, calling every follower of Jesus into the deeply fulfilling and supernaturally empowered Christian life that the Bible makes available.

Jonathan Welton calls all believers to embrace their full New Covenant identity:

  • Stop waiting for revival. Experience the signs, wonders and miracles of Scripture right now!
  • Stand firm in your identity. Fully embrace your unconditional acceptance into God’s family!
  • Walk in total freedom. Discover the liberating truth of how completely Jesus has set you free!
  • Pray bold prayers. Make powerful declarations that bring circumstances into alignment with Heaven’s perfect will!
  • Live with radical hope. Receive an optimistic vision of the future that overcomes fear associated with the “end-times.”

Discover what this supernatural lifestyle looks like
and access your inheritance today!

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