Prophetic Breakthrough Video Teaching Series (Digital Download)

Prophetic Breakthrough Video Teaching Series (Digital Download)


Digital 3-Session Teaching Series by Hakeem Collins

Title Prophetic Breakthrough Video Teaching Series (Digital Download)
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Hakeem Collins Bio

Dr. Hakeem Collins is a rising prophetic voice and governmental minister with a unique anointing in the prophetic, healings and the supernatural. He is called of God to father and lead the next generation of world changers and champions. Hakeem’s passion is to initiate and ignite unprecedented fresh moves of the Holy Spirit. His mission is to accurately communicate God’s original plan and purpose for humanity. He has traveled the U.S extensively ministering and demonstrating the Kingdom. Hakeem is the founder/CEO of Champions International which is an itinerary ministry based in Wilmington, Delaware where he resides. He is one of the youngest affiliated apostolic leader of IMPACT Network under Apostle John Eckhardt of Chicago, IL and he also an active member of ICA (International Coalition of Apostles) under C. Peter Wagner and John P. Kelly.



"Most believers live without fulfilling their full destiny. Few understand the power of curses and ungodly soul ties. This book, Prophetic Breakthrough, will obliterate every demonic hindrance to you walking in your God-given, joyous destiny."
- Sid Roth, Host, It’s Supernatural!

"Dr. Hakeem has done it again! Another explosive book dealing with breakthrough! His revelation on the power of decreeing will totally transform you to break off all soul ties and open the door for divine breakthrough. If you find your mouth cursing your life, this book is for you! Well written and very anointed!"
- Dr. Jeremy Lopez, CEO of

"Most people agree that they need a breakthrough but few know how to receive it! Hakeem Collins provides the promise and power of God’s word and voice to experience the breakthrough you have been waiting for. This book is personal, powerful, and practical. All you need is a key to open your door of breakthrough, and Prophetic Breakthrough is full of keys!"
- Dr. Leif Hetland, President, Global Mission Awareness; Author of Giant Slayers, Seeing Through Heaven’s Eyes and Healing the Orphan Spirit


Comparative Authors:

  • David Hernandez
  • John Eckhardt
  • Cindy Trimm
  • Dr. Myles Munroe
  • Steve Hannett




Digital 3-Session Teaching Series by Hakeem Collins

Supplement to Prophetic Breakthrough book.


Everyone needs a breakthrough. But so few know how to receive it. If you knew that the key to your breakthrough is in your words, would you use it? If you knew that the path to the promises, blessings, and joy of the Lord is one prophetic word away, would you speak it?

Through 3 powerful video teaching sessions, Hakeem Collins equips you with a prayer arsenal master tool to break through unbreakable situations, change circumstances, and demolish resistance… and it all begins with your prophetic words!

Learn to use the power of decrees to move spiritual mountains and fulfill your God-given destiny.


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