Raising a Lady in Waiting Free E-Course Session (Digital Product)

Raising a Lady in Waiting Free E-Course Session (Digital Product)



Title Raising a Lady in Waiting Free E-Course Session (Digital Product)
Vendor Destiny Image TV
Type Feature Session


with Companion Study Materials

Free Session Includes:

  • 1st Video Lesson: HD Video Download

  • 1st Lesson of Raising a Lady in Waiting book: PDF Download

  • 1st Lesson of Mother's Workbook: PDF Download

  • 1st Lesson of Daughter's Workbook: PDF Download

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The most important decision of a young lady's life is spiritual who will be her Master. The second is who will be her "mister." Mom, you play a vital role in helping your daughter make this choice! Daughter, it's time for you to connect with your greatest coach, mentor, and cheerleader your mom!

Based on the same principles that have been inspiring godly relationships for nearly four decades, mothers and daughters will work together and learn how to effectively:
* Maintain high relationship standards
* Guard your mind from false relationship images
* Understand the value of waiting for God's best

Paired with an interactive workbook, these video sessions feature Jackie Kendall up close and personal--encouraging you and your daughter as you go on this unforgettable journey together.

As Jackie reveals the secrets that will help you safeguard your young lady from the ever-increasing "Bozo tribe," your daughter will learn the value and treasure of waiting for the Boaz that God has in store for her.



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