Unlock a Lifestyle of Hearing God’s Voice

Book Title Receptivity
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Daniel K. Norris, a true son of revival, is an evangelist who worked alongside Steve Hill bringing the message of revival and repentance to the nations.  Together they planted a thriving church in Dallas, TX, founded a school of ministry, launched the Collision Conference that has been seen around the world, and cohosted a broadcast called From the Frontlines.  He can be contacted at

Unlock a Lifestyle of Hearing God’s Voice

Ever felt like this: God, I’m listening… but I can’t hear You? The truth is, God is always talking; you simply need to become receptive to His voice.

Hearing God speak is a topic that sadly brings more frustration than joy. As a person filled with the Holy Spirit, your spiritual inheritance is to God’s voice—not just once-in-a-while, but as a continuous lifestyle.

Through relatable stories and powerful testimonies, Daniel Norris opens Scripture in a fresh way giving you keys that position you to hear God’s voice… as a lifestyle.

Discover how receptivity helps you to…

  • Overcome the hindrances to clearly hearing God’s voice
  • Stand strong during temptations, trials and circumstances
  • Receive supernatural direction in everyday situations
  • Experience five vital ways that God speaks today
  • Unlock the revelation and intimacy of the secret place of prayer

Don’t try convincing God to talk to you; He’s already speaking! It’s time for you to increase your receptivity, hear from Heaven, and start enjoying the abundant life God has planned for you!

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