Redefining Rhema

Redefining Rhema


Release God’s Word Through Declaration!

Book Title Redefining Rhema
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Type Book
Ed Delph Bio
Dr. Ed Delph has been a pastor at three different churches since 1980 in the Phoenix, Arizona area. He is a noted author of nine books, weekly columnist in several newspapers worldwide, teacher, business owner and speaker having presented or been in more than one hundred countries. He is currently president of a worldwide ministry, Nationstrategy, a nonprofit organization involved in community and societal transformation and upliftment.
David Lake Bio
David Lake is an ordained pastor and business owner as well as Market Place Minister. He is passionate about running his life, business and ministry by hearing the voice of God. God has placed in his heart a burden to equip other business owners, pastors, churches and Christians on living their lives by seeking first the Kingdom of God.

Release God’s Word Through Declaration!

Fear and anxiety may darken our lives, but God offers a supernatural solution: His freshly spoken word.

Ed Delph and David Lake invite you to experience the voice of God in a new way. Through their revelatory three-step approach, you will learn how to hear the freshly spoken, Rhema word from God, and speak forth what He is saying. This kind of confident prayer produces power and results!

You can break through darkness in the same way that God’s spoken word created light and order in Genesis 1. Declaration releases supernatural creative power, and this power is available to every Christian!

But before you can declare the word of God, you must first hear the Rhema of God.

Redefining Rhema is a prophetic blueprint that will:

  • Position you to clearly hear freshly spoken words from God

  • Show you how to speak to God with the assurance that He is listening

  • Empower you to release God’s voice on Earth through transformational declarations, prayers, and actions

Speak God’s word, and see the darkness dispelled!

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