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Soul Survivor



Never give up!

Book Title Soul Survivor
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Shawn Doyle Bio


SHAWN DOYLE CSP is a learning and development professional who has a passion for human potential. He has an avid belief in the concept of lifelong learning. For the last 22 years, Shawn has spent his time developing and implementing training programs on team building, communication, creativity and leadership. Shawn's training programs help people become more effective in the workplace and in their lives. Some clients include Pfizer, Comcast, Charter Media, IBM, Kraft, Microsoft, The Marines, The Ladders, and Los Alamos National Defense Laboratory.

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Joe Townsend Bio
Captain Joe Townsend grew up and attended college in West Palm Beach, Florida. Geared toward airplanes from a young age, he became a private jet captain at age 23. He then went on to become a captain for US Airways; he married his long-time sweetheart, Kelley, and they had two children—Laura Lee and Tara Nicole. Since his dramatic survival of the devastating plane crash that took his family, Joe has been on medical long-term disability from US Airways. He has been happily married to his new wife, Carol, since September of 2001.

Never give up!

The powerful story of one man who escaped death and rebuilt his life in the face of impossible adversity.

One day, Joe Townsend was piloting a small aircraft with his family aboard when a mechanical failure developed, causing the plane to crash and killing Joe s wife and two small daughters. Joe, the sole survivor, was critically injured and lived through brain injury, a stroke, hours of surgery, and months of physical and emotional pain. Through grit and determination, he survived and then thrived, rebuilding a new life and overcoming horrific obstacles. Soul Survivor is a gripping story of genuine experiences that will intrigue you and bring you through tears of sadness and joy. It will inspire you to take on whatever life brings your way and press forward into rich blessings!

You will learn:

  • Anything in life is possible! 
  • You have the potential to overcome your own obstacles! 
  • Blessing waits for you on the other side of adversity, and you can get there!

One man lived this real-life inspirational story. Now Joe Townsend shares his tale of trials and happy endings with you to empower you to overcome and live to your full potential!

There are no limits!

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