Supernatural Favor

Supernatural Favor


You are favored by God!

Book Title Supernatural Favor
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Kynan Bridges Bio

Kynan T. Bridges is senior pastor of Grace and Peace Global Fellowship in Tampa, Florida, which reaches thousands of people every week with the Gospel. He is the author of the bestselling book Possessing Your Healing and Supernatural Favor, an international conference speaker, and chairman of the International Apostolic & Prophetic Council (IAPC). His television program, Life More Abundantly, reaches millions of viewers every week.

You are favored by God!



Financial miracles. Supernatural multiplication. Divine promotion. These blessings should be normal—not the exception—for every single Christian. This includes you!

Sadly, too many believers are working for God’s favor when Jesus has already provided it. The cross is proof that you are favored by God.

Pastor Kynan Bridges provides a solid, Biblical understanding of what it means to confidently walk in God’s supernatural favor… every day of your life. Receive vital keys enabling you to successfully live out this lifestyle of favor, such as:

  • Recognizing what supernatural favor looks like and learning how to walk in it

  • Activating the Blessing of Abraham in your life

  • Experiencing a downpour of God’s unlimited supply

  • Living in the overflow of abundant blessing so you can share it with others

Wherever you are in life, get ready to experience a miraculous shift in your finances, health, marriage, and calling as you start walking in God’s supernatural favor.

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