The Anointing for Miracles

The Anointing for Miracles


Access the Source of God’s Miracle-Working Power!

Book Title The Anointing for Miracles
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R.W. Schambach Bio
R.W. Schambach was a bold, powerful soul-winner and healing evangelist. For over sixty years, he conducted evangelistic crusades across the United States and around the world, with his meetings being characterized by mass conversions and New Testament miracles: the lame walking, the blind seeing, the deaf hearing, and many captives being set free by the supernatural power of God. Schambach’s impact has been felt in over 200 nations through his media, crusades, and dynamic preaching.
Donna J. Schambach Bio
Donna Schambach, the only daughter of R.W. Schambach, has been a pastor, educator, lecturer and evangelist. An accomplished leader, Donna has served in ministry in 1983 and presently stewards her father’s legacy through the Schambach Foundation. Traveling to over 40 nations and ministering to the inner cities of the USA, Donna coordinates and preaches for mass Gospel crusades. She also teaches Christians how to operate in signs, wonders and healing miracles.

Access the Source of God’s Miracle-Working Power!

God’s supernatural power is not reserved just for healing evangelists and notable Christian leaders. All Christ-followers already possess this anointing for miracles!

Why don’t more believers operate in miracle power?

Simple. Many don’t know how to partner with the Holy Spirit’s anointing. 

In this landmark book, preacher and evangelist Donna Schambach offers practical, revelatory teaching on how you can walk in the same supernatural anointing that her father, R.W. Schambach, did.

Considered to be a general of the faith, R.W. Schambach powerfully preached the Gospel and operated in New Testament signs and wonders for six decades. He regularly witnessed hopeless situations turned around by God’s supernatural power!

Now, it’s your turn!

  • Unlock mysteries of the Anointing: What is it? How do you receive it? How is it released through you?

  • Discover what it means to take your place in a forerunner generation!

  • Strengthen your faith by reading miraculous testimonies, including: “What Mohammed Couldn’t Do,” “R.W. Battles the Devil,” “Seventeen Deaf Mutes Healed” and “The Greatest Miracle of All.”

The Anointing is already inside of you through the Holy Spirit.

Learn how to partner with His presence, release His power, and radically transform your world.

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