Understanding Your Revelations From God

Understanding Your Revelations From God


A Training Manual for Every Dreamer, Seer, Watchman, Intercessor, and Prophet

Book Title Understanding Your Revelations From God
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Dr. Joe Ibojie trained as a medical doctor and worked with Army Medical Service where he rose to the rank of Colonel. Now an ordained Pentecostal Minister of the Gospel with special grace to minister and expound the word of God, he runs excellent teaching programs in the interpretation of dreams, visions and prophecy. Joe is the author of several books, including The Illustrated Dictionary of Dream Symbols. Together with his wife, Cynthia, he oversees The Father s House in Aberdeen, Scotland. The Father s House seeks to build a bridge of hope across generations, racial divides, and gender biases through the Ministry of the Word.

A Training Manual for Every Dreamer, Seer, Watchman, Intercessor, and Prophet

Delving Deeply into God Revealed.

Understanding Your Revelations From God—A Training Manual for Every Dreamer, Seer, Watchman, Intercessor, and Prophet is for anyone who sincerely wants to delve into the deepness and holiness of God. Based on his best-selling books and well-received seminars and teachings, Dr. Joe Ibojie delivers another soul-searching and thought-provoking book that will take you into the depths of God’s vision for your life. 

This manual is designed to help you uncover the beauty of God’s love and His deep desire to communicate with you through His revelations. Each chapter presents powerful insights into God’s voice in your life. Probing questions prompt inner scrutiny and searching that brings spiritual wholeness

Understanding Your Revelations From God is a practical guide that walks you with you hand in hand onto the path toward your God-given destiny. A taste of what is presented includes:

  • How to understand dreams and revelations that prompt and enhance additional releases from Heaven.
  • It is the Lord’s desire for none to perish—that all would come to know Him through the revelations He offers.
  • How to present a yielded heart to God that encourages more dreams and revelations.

Suitable for individual use, group study, or as Sunday school discussions, Understanding Your Revelations From God will strengthen your relationship with God, your family, and church community.

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