Visions of Heaven

Visions of Heaven


Got Heaven?

Book Title Visions of Heaven
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Type Book
Oral Roberts Bio
Oral Roberts, founder and chancellor of Oral Roberst University, Tulsa, Oklahoma, is recognized as one of the outstanding personalities of his generation. He is the author of more than one hundred books and founder of the Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association, which sponsors weekly and daily television programs.

Got Heaven?

Ever wonder what Heaven is really like?

Leave the paperwork, the dinner dishes, and today’s troubles behind as you venture into the splendor, peace, and pleasure of God’s home sweet home—Heaven. Nestle into His love and the beauty of His Kingdom as four everyday people share their heavenly experiences with you.

Many of your questions about Heaven are answered as you journey along with:

A woman in New York filled with eternal destiny doubt.

A missionary couple in China working in an orphanage.

An 8-year-old boy reading his Bible in his room one evening.

A young wife on her deathbed in a Canadian hospital.

Visions of Heaven also includes a comprehensive Q&A section about Heaven and hell—straight from the pages of the Bible.

These true, real-life experiences along with a sound biblical foundation give you strength for each day, rest for your soul, joy for your spirit, and reassurance that your destination is closer to your heart than you ever hoped or imagined.

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