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Take Your Place in the Harvest of Nations: Revival Stories from Europe that Will Ignite Your Faith for Awakening (Paperback)
Laura Taranto
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Description: As a believer in Jesus Christ, you are called to change the world! If you’re wondering how to do...
The Making of a Watchman: Practical Training for Prophetic Prayer and Powerful Intercession (Paperback)
Jennifer LeClaire
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Description: The “Watchman Anointing” is being released in this hour! If you seek to better understand the times and seasons, read...
Daily Decrees for Kids: Big Things Happen When Kids Speak God's Promises (Paperback)
Brenda Kunneman
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Description: Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven...
Daily Decrees for Family Blessing and Breakthrough: Defeat the Assignments of Hell Against Your Family and Create Heavenly Atmospheres in Your Home (Paperback)
Brenda Kunneman
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Description: Decree your victory and defeat hell’s every scheme against your family! In an age where our families are under attack...
Theology Simplified: The 8 Foundational Truths of Your Glorious Redemption (Paperback)
Bob Yandian
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Description: A Practical Guide to Deep Truth If you’ve ever been intimidated by words like redemption, justification, and propitiation, then this book is...
365 Days of Increase: Personalized Prayers and Confessions to Establish Your Heart and Mind in the Purposes of God (Paperback)
Rick Renner
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Description: Empowered to Increase None of us is immune to life’s challenges, but we don’t have to be limited by them...
Radically Restored to Oneness with God: Embrace the Relationship with God You Were Made For (Paperback)
Peter McHugh
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Description: Who are you?Would you answer this question with a reference to your vocation? Your relationships? Your greatest achievements or...
Everyday Prophetic: How to Position Yourself to Receive Prophetic Intel and Insight from Heaven (Paperback)
Steven Springer
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Description: Prophecy is PracticalSteven Springer is convinced of three things: Every believer can hear God’s voice every day.  Speaking God’s...
The Third and Final Reformation of the Church: Prophetic Scriptures That Must be Fulfilled Before Jesus Returns (Paperback)
Bill Hamon
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Description: “There are few authorities in the prophetic ministry who could offer such a global, historical, and balanced perspective of...
Realms of Power: Operating in the Untapped Dimensions of Holy Spirit Power (Paperback)
Robert Hotchkin
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Description: Experience deeper and greater realms of God’s power than you ever knew were possible!Are you living a powerful life?...
Supernatural Freedom from the Captivity of Trauma: Overcoming the Hindrance to Your Wholeness (Paperback)
Mike Hutchings
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Description: Break the spirit of trauma, and get your life back! God desires to release wholeness and healing! But often this...
Around the World with Matt and Lizzy - China: Kids Mission Series (Hardcover)
Julie Beemer
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Description: All Aboard! We’re on Our Way to China!Little travelers can pack their imaginary bags and explore China with Matt,...
The Promise of Purpose: Don't Settle for Less When Your Heart Cries Out for More (Paperback)
Karen Conrad
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Description: You Can Have It All!Many people believe you must choose between being happy or successful. They’re convinced one doesn’t...
The Place of His Presence: Awakening to the Life and Spirit Within (Paperback)
Daniel Amstutz
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Description: When was the last time you felt God’s presence? Does a sense of the Lord’s presence seem to elude...
The Path to Discovering and Releasing Your Prophetic Voice: How to Operate in the Prophetic Dimension (Paperback)
Prophet Rob Sanchez
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Description: A practical guide to prophecy for everyday Christians.Rob Sanchez was set apart from the time of birth to be...
Holy Revolution: Finding True Satisfaction in a Life Set Apart (Paperback)
Jamie Lyn Wallnau
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Description: Are you ready for a revolution? For years, the church has taught holiness as renunciation instead of relationship: listing things...
Just Don't Quit!: Inspiration to Fulfill Your God-Sized Dreams (Paperback)
Joan Hunter
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Description: Your breakthrough is just around the corner!Sometimes life can be so discouraging that we are tempted to give up...
Encountering Heaven: 15 Supernatural Visions of Heaven That Will Change Your Life Forever (Paperback)
Laurie A. Ditto
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Description: Living in the light of eternity changes everything! God gave Laurie A. Ditto a terrifying, first-hand vision of Hell -...
Rejoice Into Joy: Three Keys to Experiencing the Fullness of Heaven's Joy
Bill Johnson
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Description: “Rejoice in the Lord always.” It’s a simple command that holds the key to experiencing deep and abiding joy through...
Better Together: How to Build a Marriage that Lasts (Paperback)
Duane Sheriff
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Description: With so many obstacles arrayed against them, how can any couple hope to make it in today’s world? Health issues....
The Kingdom of God in You Revised and Updated: Discover the Greatness of God's Power Within
Dr. Bill Winston
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Description: God’s Abundant Life is Within You! Scripture is clear that God will meet your every need. Peace, health, and...
The Double Portion Life: The Elisha Anointing for Entering Your Divine Destiny
Bruno Ierullo
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Description: “This book is a call to seek His face, cry out for His presence and prepare ourselves for the...
Experiencing the Father's Embrace Through Loss and Grief: Finding Unbroken Courage in Times of Crisis
Trisha Frost
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Description: Run to the Father when your world feels like it’s falling apart. Loss affects everyone and at some point everyone...
30 Days of Praying the Psalms: King David’s Keys for Victory
Julie Meyer
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Description: Walk in the footsteps of a king! King David is regarded as one of the Bible’s greatest heroes for one...
Houses of Glory: Prophetic Strategies for Entering the New Era
Jeremiah Johnson
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Description: Supernatural strategies and Heavenly blueprints to become a resting place for God’s glory.As waves of global crises continue to...
Discover the Hidden You: The Secret to Living the Good Life (Hardcover)
Myles Munroe
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Description: You are greater than you realize.“There’s a wealth of potential in you. I know, because God has shown me...
Fearless: Breaking the Habit of Fear
Carlie Terradez
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Description: It's Time to Break Free from Fear!Fear can manifest in many ways: worry, anxiety, fear of other people, fear...
Build Your Foundation: Six Must-Have Beliefs for Constructing an Unshakable Christian Life
Rick Renner
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Description: You Need a Foundation That You Can Build Your Life Upon! Many Christians have a limited understanding of basic...
Conquering the Chaos in Your Mind: Finding Freedom from Tormenting and Anxious Thoughts
Eddie Turner
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Description: Are You Harassed by Thoughts That Just Won’t Leave You Alone? So many people are harassed by thoughts, crippled...
The Journey Out: How I Followed Jesus Away from Gay
Ken Williams
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Description: I didn’t think there was a way out. Many churches and individuals now affirm the gay Christian life and cheer-on...
Unseen Warfare: Rules of Engagement to Discern, Disarm, and Defeat the Works of the Enemy
Hakeem Collins
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Description: Your everyday guide to discerning and destroying the works of the devil Few Christians are aware of just how...
Experiencing Jesus Through Communion: A 40-Day Prayer Journey to Unlock the Deeper Power of the Lord's Supper
Beni Johnson
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Description: There is miraculous power in the sacrament of communion. More than a religious ritual, communion is a doorway into untapped...
The Seer's Path eBook (Digital Download)
Ana Werner
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Description: Open your eyes to discover the invisible world of the spirit realm! Just beyond what your eyes can see,...
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