The Jewish Jesus
The Jewish Jesus


To know Jesus fully and to understand His teaching we must look beyond our religious traditions and re-examine the Jewish aspects of His life, ministry, and mission. This rewiring of our perspective gives us a deeper, more accurate understanding of our Savior and King

Discover the Jewish Jesus

What relevance does it have for us that Jesus is Jewish and what difference should it make to our faith?

In The Jewish Jesus, David Hoffbrand explores the answers to these and related questions in a way that is accessible to everyone.

As you see how Jesus lived, thought and taught as a Jewish man, you will come to know Him like never before, and find that His teachings come alive in their original context.

This book will also help you:

  • Appreciate the Jewish context of the whole Bible, reconnecting the Old and New Testaments.
  • Rediscover God’s heart and purposes for the Jewish people and Israel.
  • Engage with God’s blueprint for the church as a unified but diverse community of believers.
  • Learn principles that will help you restore the Jewish lens in a way that enriches your faith.

It’s time to discover the Jewish Jesus!


David Hoffbrand is an author, speaker and singer-songwriter based in Brighton, England. He grew up in a Jewish family in north London. After his bar mitzvah (coming of age) at 13, he began a quest to find the truth and to investigate that thorny issue – “the meaning of life”! Ultimately this led him to a series of supernatural encounters that caused him to believe that God was real, and that Jesus is who He said He is!



"How Jewish was Jesus, and what does that mean for His followers today? How does this Jewish Jesus connect with the modern State of Israel? And what happens when you read the New Testament through its original, first-century Jewish lens? All these questions are answered in this easy-to-read, clearly written, and scripturally-based book by David Hoffbrand, as the author takes you on a personal, life-changing journey of discovery. As you read these pages, your perspective will be changed."
- Dr. Michael L. Brown, bestselling author of The Real Kosher Jesus

"As a Jewish believer in Jesus I get asked a lot, ‘What part does Israel and the Jew play in God’s plan for the world?’ It normally evolves into a long discussion. I am happy that I can now give a very short answer: ‘Read David Hoffbrand’s book on the Jewishness of Jesus and you will get insight into ancient Jewish wisdom and God’s true heart for the Jew.’"
- Jeff Lestz, Stewardship Pastor, Hillsong UK


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