The Overcomer's Edge

The Overcomer's Edge


Strategies for Victorious Living in 13 Key Areas of Life

Book Title The Overcomer's Edge
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Paul and Billie Kaye Tsika have been involved in ministry for over 45 years.  Together they have authored several books including Get Married-Stay Married, Parenting with Purpose, and Growing in Grace. Paul has been the pastor of a large international marketing business since 2001. Along with their staff they minister to tens of thousands of people each year and witness many coming to Christ for salvation.    

Strategies for Victorious Living in 13 Key Areas of Life

Learn how to be an Overcomer In every area of your life!

We are living in dangerous times. Day by day people are struggling to overcome a variety of spiritual and moral issues. This is a titanic battle, a death match, that can only be won through a well-defined step by step roadmap to freedom. The idea that Christians are exempt from the battle scars of life is a lie of the devil.    

The Overcomer’s Edge is bestselling author Paul Tsika’s newest book, offering solid “straight to the heart” guidelines based on a biblical foundation, as well as proven practical, and clinical strategies to guide the reader toward victory.

Paul’s latest book will help you:

  • Overcome your fear of facing an unexpected crisis
  • Overcome your struggles with difficult relationships
  • Overcome the paralyzing fear that stops you from following your dreams
  • Overcome the pit of needless worry that weakens your spiritual strength


If you are ready to walk in the freedom that God has promised to all who follow Him, then this book is for you!

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